DIXIE FORMPLATES "Quality Plates at the Best Prices”  
For over 20 years,
Dixie Formplates
has been meeting the needs of food processing companies across the nation and worldwide.

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Let us work with you to meet your exact specificatons.

  We specialize in plastic and metal formplates and sets for the
  • F26
  • F19
  • F6
Formax machine lines, as well as the

Koppens 900, 600, and 400 series.

Best prices available.

Look to us to meet your ribbed and 3D plate requirements too.

Below is a picture of one of our recent 3D plates:

For more information, or to place an order, please contact Ellis or the Dixie Formplates Information Center via e-mail, or telephone at: (706) 232 3021.

Or you can fax us at: (706) 232 3121.



Dixie Formplates
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